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Bazza - "Life too short to be a biker and not wear Davida."

Posted by Adam Wright on

"Life too short to be a biker and not wear Davida."

Bazza wins the March Lucky Draw For His Customer Review on his Davida Jet


My wife surprised me this Christmas with a brand new Davida Jet in gold black and pinstripe! It started because I've been complaining to my wife ever since we bought her first helmet. Her multiple options of all the typically branded pink, purple and mixed variant helmets available was completely overridden when she clocked a Silver Davida Jet on the shelf in her size!!! I explained how she had amazing taste given her first lid and after hearing how much she loves it and seeing the build quality, I've wanted one myself ever since! Well now I own one; it's like the Rolls Royce of open face helmets. The finish is the highest quality I've seen in any helmet with a fantastic quality lining of mixed leather and textiles for a great feel and high-end look. The fit is superior, really hugging you face with no pressure points, no riding up with headwind and great sound reduction. Davida offer pop-stud fittings for peaks and goggle strap clamps or simply flush. I'm so made up with this lid I'm feeling a small collection coming on. Go to your bike shop and just try one on! Life too short to be a biker and not wear Davida.

Congratulations Bazza you win a pair of luxury Davida Gloves

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