Davida at Stafford 19th & 20th Oct 2019 - The Largest Showcase for Classic Motorcycling Culture in the World

by Sharon Underhill on October 16, 2019

Attracting many thousands of passionate enthusiasts of veteran, vintage and classic machines, Stafford is often referred to as the largest and oldest showcase for classic motorcycling culture in the world.

Davida have exhibited there for decades. It’s one of the few events where riders can be guaranteed to find the traditionally inspired riding gear they want to go with their period machines.

From the many TV programmes he makes about his passion for motorcycles and his love for tinkering and restoring vintage machines & artifacts from a bygone age, Henry Cole is a well known personality at Stafford. 

With his mechanical genius of a best mate Sam Lovegrove, Henry's new ITV4 series, Junk and Disorderly, is about buying and selling other people’s automotive junk and classic collectibles from auctions and auto jumbles.

Every time he’s swung his leg over two wheels on TV he’s worn a Davida motorcycle helmet and, more often than not, a Davida black leather jacket too.

The flash of the Davida wing on the front of his helmets and the Aviator logo on the Pilot goggles worn by Henry on TV obviously sets him out as an enthusiast for Davida gear.

However, when it comes to Henry’s black leather motorcycle jacket, ( that he wears so often on TV that you’d think he sleeps in it), viewers have had to dig deep into the internet, or see it on a Davida stand at shows like Stafford, to discover his jacket is by Davida.


Appealing particularly to classic bike riders, this iconic jacket feels as good as it looks; styled on the traditional 1960’s leathers, quality tailoring in smooth, soft, supple black leather, strong zips and studs, with clean lines, minimal fuss and maximum comfort.


When launched in 2008, preferring to make a statement through sheer style and quality, the decision to leave the Davida logo off the outside of this iconic jacket was deliberate. After eleven years of production there has only been just one very small change to this jacket; so to end the confusion, it now carries a very small and discrete woven Davida Label on the breast seam, just above the zip.


19th - 20th October

Main Hall Stand M23

More details on the event, including how to buy tickets can be found here https://www.staffordclassicbikeshows.com/


Davida are offering discounts between 25 - 30% on many of their products at the Stafford next weekend, including Leather Jackets & Jeans, Pilot Goggles, Visors, and Gloves. You''ll need to turn up early on Saturday though to have the best choice of helmets at discounted prices.


Here are just a few of the comments made by our customers who have a Davida Leather Jacket


 alex k on Mar 10, 2019                 MY FAVOURITE JACKET.

Fantastic jacket. Beautifully made. Top quality leather. All positive zips. Really comfortable from day one. Good length in the sleeves. I had to return the first jacket as I miscalculated my size. No problems with Davida exchanging it. I now have a size 40 and the fit is perfect. I've only had it around a year and it is already my favourite jacket. Can't fault anything at all with it. Just wish I'd bought one years ago.




Peter H. on Mar 01, 2019               DAVIDA MENS LEATHER JACKET

Superb high quality leather jacket made of soft supple thick leather. I wear a Knox Mens Urbane Shirt underneath for ultimate impact protection. Brilliant!

Alex on Feb 14, 2017                      BEST LEATHER JACKET .... EVER

Originally I couldn't figure out why it was called a Mk1 and wondered when would they introduce the Mk2. I looked at LOTS of leather bike jackets and whilst I was pondering which one to go for I was lucky enough to be offered a Davida jacket for my wife. And what a lovely jacket! Now I understood, how could there be a Mk2 when this jacket is virtually unimprovable ! Well, of course I had to get one for safety's sake really... otherwise I would be spending too much time looking in the mirror at who was on the seat behind me.
The fit is accurate, the leather is really the best quality, supple and strong, the manufacture is of a very high standard and Davida have the got the style absolutely right.
After Davida, there really is no other jacket.
I would recommend this jacket to anyone who wants a real quality bike jacket and isn't worried about armour. (and full marks to Davida for their excellent customer service)...



Steve Binns on Jun 15, 2018            12 MONTHS REVIEW

Very tempted to buy another at the sale price! However this one will see me out. Easily my most comfortable jacket ever, felt like an old friend from day one and, if anything, is better after a year and 5000 miles. Stitching, zips, leather all top notch, I can't see how anyone would not be delighted with this jacket which has finally cured my Leather Jacket Acquisition Disorder.

Roy Quiroga on Mar 30, 2018            THANK YOU

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my leather jacket.
I had to return it twice to get the sizing right from a 50 to a 46, I do also have a RST jacket with full armour and that's VERY snug in a size 48 which threw me out.
Please extend my gratitude to all the staff at Davida for their patience and help in getting me exactly what I wanted a high quality jacket I can wear on and off the bike.

Martyn Brewer on Oct 25, 2016        SUPER COOL JACKET

I bought one of these leather jackets four years ago and I love it ! From day one it was perfect. Four years on it looks even cooler. It's faded with wear and looks great. Nice and warm too. If I ever need another jacket I would definitely buy another.

MCN Jacket review: Davida black leather jacket by Mykel Nicolaou

Davida black leather jacket
Miles covered/time:
 7000+/10 months

What’s good? The comfort afforded by this jacket surpasses anything leathery I’ve ever worn before – either on or off the bike.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic qualities of this uber cool rockers-style piece of kit, the quilted liner keeps the worst of the autumn chills at bay, too.

It’s become my favourite piece of riding kit. Thankfully, however, I’ve not had the misfortune to crash in it, so I can’t attest to its protective qualities just yet.

 That never seemed to bother the original ton-up boys, though, did it?