Experience The Davida Difference At Motorcycle Live 2019

by Sharon Underhill on October 30, 2019

Experience The Davida Difference at 2019 Motorcycle Live. Davida motorcycle helmets are designed to prevent lift at speed and give an exceptionally quiet ride.

Desired worldwide for more than 45 years by those who demand top quality, Davida has become one of England’s most established and well-respected brands. 

We meet many of our customers out on the road and at shows and we are proud and satisfied to see how good Davida helmets look and perform after years of regular use.

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Whether you’re looking sharp in the city, pushing hard on the race track or clocking up miles on the open road, as soon as you put your Davida on, you’ll immediately notice the difference. The choice of high-quality materials, intelligent design & craftsmanship results in top-performance helmets.

Keeping to form with its iconic old-school image, by working with Italian Moto GP and F1 Designers, the Davida Speedster V3 and the new Full Face Koura are not only the most iconic helmets you can wear, but they are also the most comfortable, streamlined, compact and close fitting road-legal helmets in the world today. Certified to ECER22-04 & DOT FMVS no.218.


Davida’s global reputation for quality & integrity extends not only to unique design and construction but to a sleek finish, immaculate paintwork, distinctive colours and the unsurpassed comfort of a luxurious leather interior.

As riders ourselves, you can have complete confidence in our expert advice so you can truly appreciate the fit, quality, comfort and quietness of our fully leather lined helmets. Davida believe in providing quality products with the highest customer service & know how to ensure your choice of goggles & visors will perfectly compliment your helmet.


Try one. You’ll see

Also available at the NEC will be the complete range of DAVIDA goggles, visors, gloves & leathers, as well as all the replacement parts you need to keep your kit in perfect condition.