Davida at MCN Show, London ExCel, 13th – 15th Feb

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Davida at MCN Show, London ExCel, 13th – 15th Feb.

MCN pulled off a great show in London at ExCel last weekend. There was a buzz of excitement on the trains, packed with groups of  mostly men, all in anticipation of spending a great day at a bike show. They weren’t disappointed.



We had a great time meeting the huge number of people who came to see us at the Davida stand in the Classic Zone. Thanks everyone, it was grand to see you. Riders who already have a Davida came to get their JPV Visor, Pilot T goggles or to try our new range of D4Vi9A visors and in many cases cos they really loved their own Davida helmet they brought their mates to try one on. Most riders find out how good our helmets are by word of mouth. More of that later but next..



TV Presenter Henry Cole, with his Gladstone Bike builder ‘ Slid’ and his Film Director Hamish came to the stand and was introduced to Rick Parkington, Classic Bike Journalist &  ‘ the most famous man in the classic bike world’,  according to Davida MD ‘ Fiddy. ‘Ah!’ , said Henry ‘ of course I know of you Rick, I spend more time in bed with you than I do my Wife !’ Henry rides with the Davida Speedster and Pilot T2 Goggles



Davida Jet  proved as popular as ever, including with BBC’s Casualty actress  and Jet enthusiast  Amanda Mealing who came to get her D4Vi9A JPV Visor. Amanda spent some time on the stand telling others how brilliant her Jet is, especially its sound cancelling qualities . Amanda, like  most who ride with a Davida Jet, come back to shows to tell us what a great fit and how quiet the Davida Jet is .


Londoners, ‘The Mill Twins’, rode to Excel wearing  a Davida Classic Jet purchased in 1985. That’s 30 years ago and even though it had been worn on most riding days during the past 30 years it still looked great !

P1060573-610 P1060576-610


The Mill Twins decided a Davida Ninety 2 would be the best replacement for them. We took a picture to show you how similar in size and shape the Ninety 2 is to the original open face helmet – The Davida Classic Jet made in 1985.

The enthusiasts of low profile helmets who had heard about the new sizes we’ve introduced in the Davida Ninety 2 & came to see Davida at MCN to try it on. The Davida Ninety 2 is road legal with a British Standard. Those who bought the now discontinued Ninety one came to replace it with a Ninety 2.

Davida's Jasmine selected to be Flag Girl for Sideburn's Dirtquake 3

jeantet aviator retro pilot motorcycle goggle

The many who’ve been waiting for the Ninety 2 to  become available in the new  XL or XXL sizes went away really happy, especially as now the Ninety 2 can be made with a full leather interior if you want. A  lot of women riders  found the new XS in the Ninety 2 a perfect fit.

Because many are choosing to have a custom bike built or unusual paintwork on their machines, we had many more requests for a custom design on a Davida helmet. These orders will be keeping our spray team really busy for the next few weeks.

We’re always amazed how interesting and varied the different custom designs are that we are asked to make, with many choosing to have their one off custom designs made in the Candy and Metal Flake paintwork.

Conversely, Custom Bike Builder, Kevin of Kevils Speed Shop showed us some interesting images of a custom bike he has just built for a customer – based on the Davida design 292.

F34A1511-800 F34A1526-800 F34A1423-800 F34A1416-800 F34A1437-800

We did get off the stand for a few minutes and best in show by far was  Roland Groteclaes, who makes all sorts of wacky sculptures out of basically anything he can lay his hands on; bits of motorcycles, tractors, computer innards, odd scape pieces of leather, you name is he’ll use it. Roland was the funniest Belgium I’ve ever met. They don’t normally make me laugh. Roland is a really clever boy who was entertaining the crowd with his fine sense of humour, his intricate and exquisite drawings and of course small machine imagination.


If you want to see us at a show the next time will be Stafford.

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