The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

par Davida sur September 27, 2013
DGR Helmet
DGR Helmet

DGR Helmet

Here at Davida we have had the honour of partnering with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and offering the helmet below as a prize to help raise money for men’s health focusing on prostate cancer awareness, prevention, research and a cure. Their pretty good fundraising and organising a rather unique dapper event as well, their current goal is $250,000 to help in the fight against cancer, they are currently up to $212,835 so if you are able please offer your support by sponsoring a rider and help them achieve their goal.

DGR is a worldwide event for owners or Customs, Café Racers, Bobbers, Flat Trackers, Retro’s, Classics and Quirky Motorcycles and their owners. It is an event that takes place all around the world on the exact same day. It is about motorcycles and dapper. They don’t care about work/social or life status for the one day we all ride the world together distinguished. This means Suits, Tuxedos, and Button up shirts, ties, bowties, top hats, canes, monocles, blazers, coats and all the rest of it!

We raise money for men’s health focusing on prostate cancer awareness, prevention, research and a cure. The Event is free & helping the cause is a personal preference.

To take part you need to be in the correct attire. Be as creative or bland as you want. The most important thing is make others laugh, make yourself laugh and have fun along the way.

For further information see:

DGR Helmet

In order to win one of the unique DGR helmets all you need to do is sponsor one of the riders, DGR will then pick at random one of the sponsors and hey presto you may if your lucky be a winner!

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Good luck and enjoy your ride!



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