Davida’s Eastyrider- Liverpool and L.A. Legend

par Davida sur November 15, 2012
Easty In Africa

Easty, a good friend of Davida and a legend in both Liverpool and L.A., is on his adventure in South America. Leaving Liverpool in September he spent a while in L.A. sorting out his bike. Yesterday he emailed us…..

” South of Loreto, after fifty two miles dirt tracking, two beers, two cigarettes, then two hundred twenty miles Stinking hot desert run to La Paz.  Little tired on arrival today, went to port for import permit for bike ‘no es possible’ without tourist card. Where do I get that? At the border you crossed five hundred miles back who waved you through with a smile!”

Top tips for riding in Mexico on the internet ….’ Mexico  is about as dangerous as it is beautiful, so don’t plan on setting any speed records. It is also strongly recommended that you break up the 1,000 mile trip into at least three days of travel and DO NOT DRIVE MEXICO AFTER DARK!’

It’s now February 2013 and Eastyrider is still out there in his Davida open face helmet and D4vi9A goggles and has a blog eastyrider.co.uk

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