The Davida Jet Saving The Lives of The British Military

par Davida sur October 12, 2012
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Message and Images received from Capt. Alex Mcphun of the Royal Signals White Helmet Display Team.

“As always your helmets have been absolutely fabulous and have protected the heads of my soldiers. Attached is a particularly grateful soldier who had his head run over by two bikes where your product undoubtedly saved his life. I would like to express my gratitude for the quality of your equipment and for saving me  a ridiculous amount of paperwork ” Alex.

We are very proud that the Davida Jet has been the helmet of choice of the White Helmet Display Team for more than a decade now and we remain committed to supporting the future this quintessentially British institution with their helmets.

This display team have been going for more than 80 years , beginning in 1928 as a way to show-off the motorcycling skills of the experienced dispatch riders within the Corps. Today recruits are selected from units from across the Corps as long as they can pass the entry tests.

The last time you can see them in 2012 is when they perform in front of the Queen at the British Military Tournament on 8th December 2012. After 120 years this event closed its doors in 1999, but by popular demand was resurrected in 2010. This years Tournament will mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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