Old Empire Motorcycles

par Davida sur July 24, 2012

Showing that the independent garage custom scene is one of the most innovative sections of the British motorcycling, Alec Sharp of Old Empire Motorcycles (O.E.M.) contacted us recently about their new ‘ Pup’ – ‘A blend of bobber and boardtracker, the Pup is a perfect mixture of old and new.’


The Overture is by Ciaran Paddy Fallon


…. Its namesake is the Sopwith Pup, a world war one biplane flown by the RAF in its infancy, its small size and maneuverability made it a popular choice for young British pilots, which we felt was apt as our Pup seems to share those very same characteristics.’

Besides having one the most inspired brand logos we’ve seen , Old Empire Motorcycles shares our belief in British design and manufacturing ” our aim is to design and craft as much as we can entirely in Britain. We realise with a little foresight and selflessness that doing this may inspire others to and will eventually be of great benefit to us all as we can begin building a better future for our country.’

‘British Made British Pride.’

The O.E.M. Facebook page shows a pictorial history of the evolution of ‘The Pup’.

From their wall this image particularly caught our eye –  “We don’t know who and we don’t know where, but that’s irrelevant for this photo. It’s just right”.

We are on the hunt. If you know who this is or if this is your work let us know.



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