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This beautiful Ducati 125cc Bialbero, starting life as Fabio Taglionis prototype Grand Prix Racer circa 1956, has been recently restored by Hugo Gallina of Vintage Italian Restorations, and described by owner Jack Silverman as
…an affair of the heart from the very beginning

This image, taken by Jose Gallina, Hugos’ son, is of Jack Silverman riding his newly restored Bialbero on its first outing at the Corsa Moto Classica in August 2011 held at Willow Springs Raceway, USA. It came first.

We are frequently asked to contribute to precious or uncompromising projects, and here Jack obviously needed the right riding gear . We recreated for him the red and white concentric ring design on the Davida Classic Helmet – the historic racing colours of the 175cc Ducati Works Racers from the 1950’s and 60’s. Ducati Works Riders of 125cc machines wore a helmet with the blue and white concentric rings. The original design also carried a large yellow D on the front of the helmet.

The full story of this remarkable machine from 1956 to present day can be read in the 7th and current edition of Benzina Magazine.

Inspired by street racers and street cultures of the past the Davida helmet is available in more than 40 distinctive designs as standard from £225. Even with these true classics on offer you may still lust after you own individual design. An additional £45 is charged for every colour we have to buy in especially for your design. We even provide a design advice service to ensure your flat artwork will work on the dome of a helmet.

For more than 20 years riders have been able to be co-designers with Davida craftsman in creating their own on-off helmet designs. The Davida helmet is a canvas, albiet a beautifully crafted one, for you to bring your creativity to the process and complete the picture.

This is only possible because the Davida helmet is still hand-built in the UK, using the best quality materials available and with every distinctive livery and detail carefully created by individuals who still care about these things.

As with all our helmets, your customised helmet starts with a raw fibreglass shell that is primed, painted and lacquered by hand, by Davida’s craftsman at our factory in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Once your custom design has been applied to the shell it follows the same manufacturing process; your shell is fitted with polystyrene liner and finished with our supremely comfortable quilted leather liner. The process for creating a one-off design usually takes 4 weeks to complete, after which you can say that your helmet is not just unique, in the true sense of the word, but unique to you too.

This bespoke service is available to anyone. Please contact to discuss your ideas.

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