Umberto Masetti – From the Davida Archive

par admin sur April 11, 2012

This sketch was hand drawn by Umberto Masetti 14 years ago and sent to us so we could reproduce his helmet design for our Racing Series . In 1998, having decided to create the Davida Racing Series, we went to Assen for the amazing Centenary TT . A one off event, organised by Ferry Brouwer ( ex boss of Arai), it was the perfect opportunity to see World Champions from around the world racing their original GP machinery and recruit them for our new Racing Series.

The Davida Racing Series is still produced today and features the historic racing design colours worn by 17 racers from the 1960’s. Sharon at Davida did all the research and pulled all the information together to make the helmets, it was quite a task. The event went down in history, a great job by Ferry who made the Centenary TT event happen, a credit to him, it was amazing and We were there.

Fid the Lid

Davida Racing Series- The Davida Classic does not conform to any current helmet saftey standard.

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