Davida Jet Helmet get 5 Stars in MCN Staff Kit Review

par admin sur January 01, 2012

MCN staff’s bike gear rated in last weeks issue 07/12/2011- Marc Abbott gave the Davida Jet a glowing report and a 5 star rating.
In 1 year, eight months he rode 9,000 miles in his Davida Jet .
In summary he said ” …. there are many years of service left in this (fast becoming) old faithful.”

Yesterday  12/12/2011 we received an email from Marc.

A short note to let you know two things.
1. A review of my Davida Jet is in the current issue of MCN. It gets five stars.
2. I will be reviewing it again soon, as it saved my life on Friday night. A 40-50mph collision and slide along Tarmac has ended its life, but left me with not even a headache. The broken collarbone I don’t think any helmet could have saved!
All the best, Marc

As Davida customers will know, unlike other modern creations, the more you wear a Davida Jet the better it gets. It’s a shame then that Marc’s was just coming into its own.

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