Thanks Davida

par dev sur September 05, 2011

Gary Inman, Sideburn Magazine editor, is currently on a 16-day Moto Adventures 5000km riding trip being led by Charley Boorman from Cape Town, through Namibia and into Zambia.

“on day two…. 2km from the hotel for the night, I crashed… The result was one less BMW 1200 GS on the planet. But thanks to the fine riding products of a few companies, there are just as many Sideburn editors left as there was before. I would like to thank the fine helmets of Davida ( check out the damage)……They did their jobs better than they could be expected… ( I really should avoid crashing in that lid again, though)….. ”

As Gary observed “Remember kids, motorsickles is dangerous. It only takes a second to eat shit. “

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