The New and Very Useful JPV Visor from D4Vi9A

par dev sur December 08, 2010

This visor transforms the open face riding experience. Made with a preformed bubble-shaped polycarbonate visor riveted to a slim stainless steel rim which is backed with high density foam to prevent damage to helmet paintwork. This unit is attached to a elasticated headband which is secured in the goggle retainer. No studs are required. The distinctive ‘Fighter Pilot’ shape is reminiscent of the first detachable visor created for the early pilots of the 1960’s Jet aircraft.

75001 – Clear and75002 –  Light Smoke ECER22-05 Approved

Secured to the helmet using an elasticated headband rather than traditional studs and because the shape of the preformed polycarbonate lens is attached to a sprung stainless steel rim, the visor follows exactly the curvature of the helmet. Together these features allows the visor to sit neatly in the up position without creating any annoying noises from turbulence and will not catch the wind and fly off. It can then be easily pushed down into position over the eyes when required

An indispensable visor  the D4Vi9A 75 JPV 1 Visor creates a resilient aerodynamic shield  preventing  penetrating wind and rain . In addition, the smoke and mirror options are equally useful as a screen against glare from the sun. The 75 JPV 1 Visor is a good alternative to the more traditional option of goggles or fixed wrap around visors and can be used in conjunction with sunglasses or spectacles.

Designed to be strong and durable the headband is made with double width elastic held within a strong sheath and is capable of being held within the helmets goggle retainer. More information and images can be found here

Visor and headband are not adjustable or replaceable.

The dark smoke and silver mirror visor are not approved to any current road safety standard and its use is entirely at the risk of the user. We advise customers to check legality of the visor in their country or region prior to use.
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