Mk 2 Davida Face Mask

par dev sur October 16, 2009

MK2 Davida Universal Face Mask – Improved Design

Whether to complete an authentic 70’s styling, as a traditional winter accessory or just to create a funky look, the face mask is a handy addition for the open face helmet rider.

Looking as good as they perform on the road , the Davida Universal Face mask is made with a single layer of soft black leather with a new and improved super soft laminated  liner for comfort and warmth. Eight pieces of leather have been carefully shaped and stitched to ensure a closely tailored fit around the contours of the face.

Secured behind the neck using an adjustable elastic strap and not being attached to the helmet means the Davida face mask can be used with any open face helmet. They also have a specially designed face mask for use with the Davida Classic.

Both Davida face mask styles now also carry a small but discreet Davida label so you know you’re buying the real Davida product and not an imitation.

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