THE PURPLE HELMETS GET SAFER (relatively speaking)

par dev sur February 19, 2006

Having provided lids for the renowned White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team for the past few years, Davida are proud to announce that we will now be kitting-out the anarchic, maybe slightly more tonque in cheek, but certainly no less daredevil, Purple Helmets.

For those unfamiliar with their antics, they are a collective of World-class competition riders, particularly from the field of enduro riding, who evolved more through serendipity than anything else. Speaking to the group’s Dave Roberts,  it seems it all started when they bought a bus in Douglas, Isle of Man, and unable to fit their crossers in it, someone brought along a Honda 90 instead. Something must have clicked, I guess, because before too long they all had step-thrus and were busy boring out the tiny engines of these bikes, adding performance carbs, strengthening and later radically morphing the frames of these and other fun bikes. This development process, it appears is in no small part due to the competitive nature of the group, always pushing each other to go one further.

The Purple Helmets are all pro riders but their distinctive uniform of plain Army dispatch overcoats and shades affords the individual riders anonymity as well as a collective camaraderie that gives them the freedom to be as outrageous as they dare – and believe me, daring is not something these guys are short of !

Our collaboration with the Purple Helmets came about when David Fiddaman of Davida, or Fiddy as he’s better known, happened to spot a strange looking guy in one of these distinctive dispatch coat at the last NEC bike show. He turned out to be the team’s Dave Roberts. Fiddy, being concerned about their current head protection, suggested providing something a bit safer for the 2006 season.

Having discussed it with the lads, who are spread out all over the country and the Isle of Man, Dave Roberts came to the factory and took away some sample helmets for sizing. That done, we could begin the manufacturing process, now nearing completion Watch this space for a full report on the guys in the near future. Watch this space for a full report on the guys in the near future. In the meantime you can check out some wild pics of the guys by punching in here:

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